The Most Recent News in Aviation Rules

Aviation rules and rules are ever-altering. That will help you stay legal, in compliance, as well as in-the-know, here are the latest FAA regulation headlines in news reports that pilots and glued base operators ought to know.

FAA releases new document on general aviation safety. The Government Aviation Administration (FAA) just released an extensive Booklet on General Aviation Safety. The document explains the way the FAA is partnering using the aviation industry on various issues of safety, including risk reduction, aircraft design and new technology, education and outreach.

Register online at for safety workshops. The FAA has announced that, by June 1, they won’t send postcards regarding safety workshops. The only method for general aviation pilots, flight instructors and mechanics to discover and sign up for FAA safety workshops is online at If you haven’t done this already, visit and on line making use of your airman certificate number. This gives you use of online courses, safety articles, the WINGS Program, Aviation Maintenance Specialist (AMT) Awards Program, and you’ll receive emails of workshops in your town. If you have a free account on that isn’t yet connected together with your airman certificate number, sign in increase your Airman Registry information in your preferences page.

FAA takes another take a look at cargo pilot safety regulation needs. On May 24, the FAA requested that the federal court postpone an airplane pilot union suit so the FAA could re-examine whether cargo pilots ought to be taught in new Part 121 flight, duty and rest rules. The FAA’s anti-fatigue ruling this past year put on commercial air travel pilots only, and excluded cargo operations. Cargo airlines and pilots were requested to stick to new rest rules on the voluntary basis only.

FAA releases set of advantages of general aviation airports. And in May, the FAA released research titled, “General Aviation Airports: A Nationwide Asset.” The report is caused by 18 several weeks of research with condition aeronautical agencies, aviation associations, aviation user groups, airport terminal company directors, airport terminal government bodies, airport terminal planners, academia, federal agencies and native government councils. The FAA is wishing the information will better educate the general public about the significance of GAs to communities, the economy and aviation industry, which help the FAA, condition aeronautical agencies and airport terminal sponsors make planning decisions.

FAA releases statement regarding DAHs and ICA documents. On March 29, the FAA released an insurance policy statement that it’s inappropriate for design approval holders (DAH) to limit the utilization and availability on Instructions for Ongoing Airworthiness (ICA) between your vendor and also the maintenance provider when the FAA has determined the ICA are appropriate for maintaining a DAH’s product with FAA-approved substitute parts, articles, or materials installed.

FAA proposes co-pilots must fly 1,500 hrs for commercial airlines. And in March, the FAA suggested rules that will boost the minimum quantity of flight hrs for those commercial air carrier pilots – including co-pilots – to at least one,500 hrs. Captains must already meet that threshold, but co-pilots presently only need 250 hrs to fly to have an air travel. Co-pilots would also require a “type rating” specific towards the airliner they intend to fly, much like another requirement that pertains to captains. The proposal may be the first rise in co-pilot threshold needs since 1973, once the FAA elevated the minimum quantity of hrs from 200 to 250. The brand new boost follows an aviation safety law enacted following a regional airliner crash near Zoysia, N.Y. wiped out fifty people.

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