It’s No More a Surveillance Camera If Everyone Can See It

I have seen many people who believe a surveillance camera is quite uselessbecause people around can notice it at just a glance. These people believed that since these cameras can be seen, they are rather less useful. Although, this kind of thoughtmay be based on their level of exposure to the latest security and surveillance cameras. Surveillance technology has grown to manufacture technologically advanced surveillance as small as possible, and we have many reliable companies like hikvisiondoing well in such area. The company is recently making great waves in detecting latest security technology solutions. Since technology can fabricate a camera as little as the lens of your phone, why can’t they fabricate a surveillance camera as small as to be barely seen?

The position, situation, and size of a surveillance camera are dependent on the application- what the surveillance camera is intended to be used for. Why waste money on the latest technology which is small but still more or less serves the same purpose as a larger surveillance camera. Trackers or tracking camera should be as unseen as possible and a street surveillance camera should be easily seen in orderto scare off the bad guys, telling them that someone is watching. This help keeps people’s mind at rest that their security is taken care of to some extent- no one really does a bad act when a surveillance camera is in sight.

Although a surveillance camera can be tapped into, that really requires a high level of competence, closeness to the control room workers and at most, a very great hacking skill, but this is just as limited as it should be. No one could dare hack the government street surveillance cameras except in the movies. How many times have you heard that a home surveillance camera is being tapped into? Seldom, why? Tapping into a home surveillance system requires a level of closeness to the home occupants or have access to the CCTV storage password or the back door of the home, more so, you rarely even see the camera to know you are being watched.

I am not of the opinion that when a surveillance camera is seen, it is as good as useless. Visit the streets of America or other developed countries, is their street surveillance camera useless? To cap it all, the size of a surveillance camera; seen or unseen depends largely on its application. As you can never opt in to put that little camera with low megapixel and which gets easily fractured by the sun in the streets of China. Please tell me, what then are we surveilling?

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