How to Get Free Playstation Network Card Codes in 2013

One of the most popular virtual currencies in 2013 are PSN Codes or if you prefer longer name , Playstation Network card codes. The reason for this is because , in a first place , PS3 being one of the most popular gaming consoles ever made , which can only be matched by Xbox 360. They consoles have similar online shops and most of the features are as well . When buying psn card codes you can do it online with you credit card , paypal or any other payment source or you can go to shops that sell these kind of goods and buy the card which you can redeem later on your account. In both cases you will get the balance on account which you can use when you want to buy something like a new game or any other virtual goods on PSN.

Playstation Netowrk

So now that we know what these codes are and what you can do with them its time to learn one of the most popular ways how to get free playstation network codes. If you ever read on forums and similar guides and reviews about this subject you will quickly learn that there are many sources that offer these kind of cards. Some of them are called hacks, which claim that you can get unlimited number of codes , and some are giveaways which are our preferred method and i will try to explain why. These types of giveaways are much popular and it involves sharing and liking certain pages to gain entries , and there are some other ways as well .Some websites also adapted software called psn code generator for their needs in giveaway and it is not considered hack , just a tool that tracks entries and other things.

Playstation Network Card Generator

The name itself is very popular and that is why it is used as such , but the codes that you get in this type of generator are legit and bought by sponsors of the giveaway. One of the websites that use such method is and you can participate in daily giveaway and visit the psn code generator download page . There you can also read more about the new version of this generator and if you are interested here is a short video guide from their website.

We suggest that when you download , share and like that page to gain some entries and you will not only get more free Playstation Network card codes with the generator but you will also be able to take part in monthly giveaway where most active members get some of the codes that are dedicated just for this purpose.