Follow these tips to buy the perfect multiport adapter!

Think of the number of gadgets and devices we use each day – smartphones, laptops, desktops, TVs, power banks and more. While using technology is a necessity now, it’s hard to connect many devices, because many of them use different port and connectivity options. Anyone who has used an Android and Apple device at the same time will know that better. The ideal solution such connectivity woes is a Multiport Adapter. A multiport adapter allows you to use and connect two devices at the same time, and typically, each adapter has at least two different ports. If you plan to buy one, here’s what you must know.

What ports do I need?

Every multiport adapter is unique and comes with different ports. You need to make a choice depending on the types of gadgets you use. Ideally, an adapter should have the following –

  • A USB Type-C charging port
  • A HDMI Port
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • USB 3.0 A

Keep in mind that the source port can be different for different adapters. For example, if the product is meant for your laptop, it may use a regular USB port, while there are separate adapters meant for products with USB 3.1 Type C Port. A good example of that is the new Macbook and Google Chromebook Pixel. Some of the adapters are designed for these gadgets only, so if you intend to use with your tablet or smartphone, make sure that the product is compatible. In case you are buying one with USB 3.1/3.0 port, please check if the product supports super speed. Also, don’t miss on checking the maximum resolution supported, besides other relevant details.

Where to shop?

Online stores often stock all kinds of multiport adapters with different sources, and that’s your best bet. Check for USB type C cable from online, and you will realize that the products from this company are extremely versatile and priced effectively without compromises on quality. With any electronic device, adapter and connector, you must check the specifications, and for that, online stores are quite handy. You can find many options, compare the prices and grab some of the best deals. Since online sellers produce products from the manufacturers or manufacturer the goods, they are capable of offering better prices than local retails, and the good thing is you will find a connector for most older ports.

Check online now to find deals and discounts on multiport adapters.

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