MyCheats.Net Does It Again and Gives Working Game Hacks For Free

A friend of mine from dropped me a bomb few days back saying that there is actually working game cheats and hack out there instead of pages loaded with bullshit from last year. Anyway, I had to go and look for myself.

So, he claims following things are true lol:

1. Mycheats net has working League Of Angels Hack

League of Angels Hack

I quote here from his post on :

“First of all, League Of Angels hack got a whole new remake. Inside source from claimed that previous version of LoA hack tended to sometimes break a PC on x64 Windows systems.. just by hanging you on a blue screen of death. The source told me that was caused by an error in script causing memory leak ending up in endless CPU loop LOL… Well, we are all humans and that stuff happens.”

Ok, I went to to pick up so called “working league of angels hack” lol.. Ok, I even spent time filling out the damn surveys just to get the file lol.. Got my file, unpacked, ran it an.. NADA! Nothing. It just did not work for me, claimed there is “error connecting to inject servers”. Maybe the LoA hack server was down, I don’t know. So, first one did not really work for me.

2. Working Dungeon Keeper Hack (both iOS/Android)

dungeon keeper hack

So, as my pal wrote and I quote again:

“Then version of Dungeon Keeper hack> had a major bug fix. Turned out, it did not work at all LOL… oh well, apparently, someone forgot to remove commented section of inject server connection from a working hack lol… You ended up with a program running in a loop. Well, it works now cause I did tested it myself. Smooth, fast and, good job guys. Hate waiting on resources or pay for them in this case.”

Had to fill the damn survey again lol BUT. OMG! It actually worked!!!! Seriously, Dungeon Keeper iPad version got hacked!! Yay! Anyway, you can download it from this page here:

3. Clash Of Clans Hack That Never ever worked for me!

clash of clans hack

Yeah, I have been fan of Clash of Clans for years and, seriously, spent some money on getting damn gems, resources, what not. I got wiser then and started to look for Clash of Clans hacks… Yeah, good luck – all the ones out there are mostly bullshit, seriously.

However, my pal here wrote that:

“As you know guys, Clash of Clans got bought by some company for a very very big lump of cash and new owner, of course, changed few things in the game. As of today have THE ONLY working free version of Clash of Clans hack that is out there! I kid you not! Most of the hacks you get are at least 3 months old. So, good job again guys and thanks for this release!”

Well, here I went again, filling up bloody surveys lol but OH MY, it worked again. Unbelievable, seriously. I don’t know how long it will work, but for now you can get really working undetectable Clash of Clans hack from THIS PAGE!!! Hurry up and load your account with resources while hack still work! Kudos to guys from!

4. Free PSN Codes Giveaway.

PSN code Generator 2014

Yeah, right, you found and idiot who will give out for free really working PSN codes and not some bullshit? Ask yourself, why the hell someone would do that if a normal PS3/4 game costs at least 60$ (basically, your arm and kidney lol).

So, I quote again:

“According to this post, did not had a working free psn code at all. They just “forgot” to include the code generator service and it run on just one set of the codes that they provided intially for testing purposes and, of course, they have been used up long time ago. But, good news are, I tested after their update and got a valid $10 free PSN code from that webpage. Thanks again! Have to say that their free PSN code generator works like a charm and you can download it from this page.”

I never even bothered. I presume, you can load up once in a few days working PSN codes and try to get money back from the ads, maybe it will even work, but I did not even give it a try. Anyway, you can try your luck getting free PSN codes from

5. Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack

Ok, now this is interesting because again Dragon City is one of the Facebook games that I really enjoy on occasion but again, I hate spending money on something so stupid as online game!!

So, I checked out my friends post and yeah, filled in surveys to get supposedly working dragon city hack:

“While this particular game title never moved it, I know there are lots of Dragon City fans out there. So guys, good news for you all, you don’t have to look for odd ways to cheat the game, you can simply use this Dragon City hack from to train your pets and kick ass big time :-) Again, thank you guys for giving us tools and cheats to save time (or spend money) on stupid virtual items lol.. Amen!”

NOW, hold your breath… It… WORKED! So, out of 5 supposedly working game hacks from I got only 3 working which I believe is a very good result all and all and hands down, considering they save you real money.

But, to be on a pessimistic side, I still think that most of them will stop working within next month at the most. So, hurry up!!!

Complete Guide to Steam Wallet Codes and Free Games

When i first started using Steam i was annoyed with the fact that i had to use my credit card every time i bought games. Not only that but there were some times when i had no funds on cc and i had to go to the bank to upload some. I was using Steam for about 2 years clueless about Steam wallet codes. In this quick guide i will try to explain why you should use these codes more then credit card and also how you can get free steam codes.

What is Steam Wallet ?
Steam wallet
Steam decided to introduce a great system for members to upload their money to which can be used for buying games and everything else in their store. It was a relief to see the transactions going much smoother then with regular payments. You can upload funds to your wallet in two ways , with credit card or with prepaid steam wallet codes. The second option is much better for me because i can get these codes for free sometimes and i’ll explain just how to do this now.

Free Steam Wallet Codes? True or Myth ?

Let me break it down for you , Yes , there are ways to get these steam codes for free. But, as always i suggest that you do not just jump in to the first steam wallet hack you find and to read this guide to the end and see my review about it. So, if you have been looking for it on youtube , you might have found about 50 of these programs and i can only recommend one of them which i will review here in a second and tell you how’s it different then others.

How does it work ?
Steam wallet code generator
The main difference then other programs is that you can get user ready free steam wallet codes that can be used later or given away to your friends as gift. Another unique feature is that it uploads these codes to secure servers and decryption process is super fast. This is because when starting the software you will get the access key for these servers which speed up decryption. The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes to complete , but you can not get more then one code in 24 hours. You can get one of each type , for example 10, 30 and 50$ codes but you can’t get 2x 50$. Latest version of steam wallet hack can be downloaded from Cheat Spot and its recommended that you get updates there. Or visit facebook page to see whats new.

How to buy Steam games with these Codes?

Its super easy to buy games with free steam wallet codes that you get since they are completely the same as the ones you would buy in retail store. you just need to go to official steam website and redeem the code you got for credits and you can use it to buy any game you like. Of course you will need to match the amount of credits or have more then the game is worth.

How to Get Free Playstation Network Card Codes in 2013

One of the most popular virtual currencies in 2013 are PSN Codes or if you prefer longer name , Playstation Network card codes. The reason for this is because , in a first place , PS3 being one of the most popular gaming consoles ever made , which can only be matched by Xbox 360. They consoles have similar online shops and most of the features are as well . When buying psn card codes you can do it online with you credit card , paypal or any other payment source or you can go to shops that sell these kind of goods and buy the card which you can redeem later on your account. In both cases you will get the balance on account which you can use when you want to buy something like a new game or any other virtual goods on PSN.

Playstation Netowrk

So now that we know what these codes are and what you can do with them its time to learn one of the most popular ways how to get free playstation network codes. If you ever read on forums and similar guides and reviews about this subject you will quickly learn that there are many sources that offer these kind of cards. Some of them are called hacks, which claim that you can get unlimited number of codes , and some are giveaways which are our preferred method and i will try to explain why. These types of giveaways are much popular and it involves sharing and liking certain pages to gain entries , and there are some other ways as well .Some websites also adapted software called psn code generator for their needs in giveaway and it is not considered hack , just a tool that tracks entries and other things.

Playstation Network Card Generator

The name itself is very popular and that is why it is used as such , but the codes that you get in this type of generator are legit and bought by sponsors of the giveaway. One of the websites that use such method is and you can participate in daily giveaway and visit the psn code generator download page . There you can also read more about the new version of this generator and if you are interested here is a short video guide from their website.

We suggest that when you download , share and like that page to gain some entries and you will not only get more free Playstation Network card codes with the generator but you will also be able to take part in monthly giveaway where most active members get some of the codes that are dedicated just for this purpose.

Development of Xbox Emulator & How To Use It

The popularity of Xbox 360 games is really high. This is as a result of high quality of these games, which have been highly rated by gamer community as well. Previously, gamers could not play Xbox games on any other gaming console apart from the Xbox 360 console. It is for this reason that the Xbox 360 Emulator was developed. The Emulator Software itself ,is a peace of program that simulates hardware, or software ,that allows gamers to play games on other gaming platforms apart from the Xbox 360 , such as PC.

Xbox 360

Types of Emulators

There are two types of emulators. These are software based emulators, and hardware based emulators. Software based emulators are software that enable a gamer to enjoy Xbox 360 games on a personal computer. On the other hand, hardware based emulators enables a gamer to play Xbox games on any other platform, for example, Playstation and Nintendo consoles. In addition, through a hardware based emulator, a gamer can play games designed for other gaming consoles on his Xbox 360 .

Xbox Emulator Development

Microsoft corporation develops all these Xbox games and consoles. The most resent software, Xbox 360 emulator was built with a lot of features that marry the old console games and the new games developed for gamers that love Microsoft’s Xbox and the games for it.

The development of the emulator was purposed to satisfy the requirements of Xbox gamers. It has an easy to use interface which gives users an option to select features they prefer from the gaming board. The emulator has a control structure that is easy to understand and comprehend. You will not need to practice several times before using it. With the development of the new emulators, you will be able to upload photos and videos to social media sites, play music and stream music online. One of the most advanced Xbox 360 emulator can be found on and you can find more information about it there with latest updates.

Xbox 360 Emulator

This is how it looks like and you can see all the features above , with configuration , plugins, controls and similar. There is also Full Screen option with the latest version. Here you can watch this video tutorial from official website.

Xbox 360 Emulator for PC – Download and Tutorial from PatrickD. on Vimeo.

We have made a similar post on our blog about how to run 3ds games on PC and if you would like to try 3DS emulator instead you can read about it there

Technology rapidly changes as time passes. It is for this reason that Microsoft incorporation has invested heavily in the continued development, and improvement, of Xbox 360 emulators. Therefore, you should expect better emulators very soon.

How to Run 3DS Games on PC

Even though Nintendo 3DS has been officially taken of the production line we all know how great that console is and many still buy it today , even used ones , to enjoy some of the best games such as Mario Kart and Super Mario Brothers 2. What many players find interesting about 3DS is that it offers kind of 3d effect , which is called stereoscopic 3d , not the one that you have while wearing glasses but the feeling is nice. One of previous Nintendo DS consoles was similar concept but did not have that 3d effect for which is 3DS so awesome. In this post we will talk a bit about what makes this console so great and even how you can run 3ds games on PC if you do not own the console itself.

Nintendo 3ds

Since the release of the new Wii U console many users switched to it instead of 3DS but we all agree that some games that are exclusive to this console are rather good and deserve to be played even if you can not afford to buy used nintendo 3ds console. This is why we went on and searched for the 3DS emulator that will enable you to play it on your desktop PC. The emulator itself is quite new and still in beta phase , but it can still run most of the games that you might be interested.


All emulators must go through phases , from being an early version where most games run slow and have glitches to beta version , when you can actually play most of the games but the purpose of it is to rule out any remaining bugs. This is the same with Nintendo 3ds emulator that evolved from the DS emulator which is available from early year of 2012. As we all know the most renowned pcsx2 for playstation 2 , it started as a small project and when many major developers joined it started to become really usable and good platform where you can play most of the ps2 games on pc.

Using the 3DS Emulator:

3ds emulator

This is the new version of Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc that was released in January 2013

Since the early January 2013 there are few versions that you can consider when choosing where to download. The most advanced and user friendly one that we found is on . They are rather new group and most of the team members joined from other projects such as for Playstation and Xbox and formed really good developer team which can possibly make the best and working version of this emulator.

Here are some tips on how you can use it and optimize it for your PC

The best way is to download it directly from and when you have it on your PC run the update since there are many updates each week and most of them are good , you can always revert to older version if it bugs for you. Next thing to do is to load all the plugins , which are needed to run on all these different configurations of desktop computers , like processors , graphic cards etc.. After that you will be able to run your game from disk or you can use 3ds roms and load them as an image . This is preferred way and it will make the games run much smoother. Graphic card is the most important for making sure your games run at good frame per second with this new version of 3ds emulator , previously it was the processor ,but the new bios is much lighter on processor that is needed.

Here is the video tutorial where you can actually watch how it works :

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download & Tutorial from Patrick S. on Vimeo.

If you liked this guide you can read more about Xbox 360 Emulator development and what are the features it has

MyCheats.Net News Announces New Game Hacks And Cheats Updates As Of Aug 2nd 2014

For immediate distribution across all relevant networks.
Oldschool IRC version available at #mycheats, #psnhacks, #psncodes, #cochacks, #hackzrus, type ! in IRC channel to get the latest updates or contact admin to get full list of relevant new game hacks or request your own game hack (yeah, we do custom jobs as well)!

The fun of games on Xbox Live is being more and more popular
with F2P games where you must have tons and tons of resources to win in-game encounters and climb the toplist. We have a huge portion of new hack version releases that are created to flawlessly run on official game realms, generate in-game resources if you want and boost you on the top of the competitions.

Best Clash of Clans Hack Download Page

The last week released Best Clash of Clans Hack Download Page provides you the much needed resources such as wood, gold and elixir. The new version of the hacking program has been tested and made sure to be safe it works on Supercell CDN servers, has all needed security updates and is potent of generating in your in-game account infinite resources, as soon as you need
them. It got easy plug and play system for both iOS and Android pads. You can easily use it to get better fighters, defensive
structures and take part in Clash of Clans PvP battles wars without the fear of losing battles.

Hay Day Resource Hacks

The sun is very bright and the cows and sheep are getting more fit lol. We provide the best working Hay Day hack on this excellent day which will offer you to farm with pleasure and expand more to the maximum limit. The goal of this game is to create and run your farm which requires in-game money. The hack offers you to safely add all the in game resources you want and more. It is made to be safe to use. We offer periodical updates and patches for the program which now gets a new stable version for players to use.

Dragon City

Dragon City is a great game set in the mythical realms where players hatch dragons and create and maintain their own fantasy Jurassic Park. It’s a very fun filled adventure but to play with others in PvP battles, you must have tons resources such as gold, gems and food. We have programmed a new Dragon City hack which finally puts your enemies to rest. Feed your dragons with unlimited food, purchase new eggs with gold and progress as your heart desires. The latest version of our hack tool tested to work for both iOS and Android devices.

New Boom Beach Hack

Are you trying so hard to take down an enemy base and control their island? You finally have hack tool you must have. Our team of developers has worked 24h for last few weeks to come up with a working undetectable Boom Beach hack that gets you the resources, gold and everything else that you must have to hack your armies. The latest hack tool new version is stable, generates resources with one mouse click and you can always get back to our web page to get latest versions.

New LoA Hack

We are very proud to shout out that we have today released the our official, working build of the new League of Angels hack tool. The hack tool will make it super easy for you to pimp up your hero’s level and tame rare angels without problems because you now have unlimited resources at your disposal to make use of. The LoA hack tool version is totally safe to use and is available to download for free. We are making daily patches and fixes to ensure you have winning in the League of Angels game without slowing down. Enjoy the game with our hack tool on all Android, iOS, WEB and Facebook as it has been made to work on most platforms.

About MyCheats.Net:
We are team of dedicated and experienced game and app hackers with ability to break down and hack any game you throw at us.

Our full working updated undetectable and free hack download list as of August 2nd, 2014 can be found here:

League Of Angels:
Boom Beach Hack:
Dungeon Keeper Hack:
Clash Of Clans Hack:
Dragon City Hack:
Hay Day Hack:
Pree PSN Codes:
PSN Code Generator:
Free Riot Points Hack (League Of Legends):

If you would like us to hack your favorite game, please leave us a note at and we will come back to you!

Enjoy your free game and program hacks For latest updates always check out our site at! …And thank you guys and gals for all the support and feedback! :-)

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Apple’s iOS 7 is a big change.

It comes with a bright new look and a whole lot of major new features, but there are also several hidden features you might not have yet noticed or heard of. Here are our favorites.

Focus photos using volume button

In iOS 7, you can now take square-size pictures and add filters to your pictures, but did you know that you can now also press on the iPhone’s volume down button to quickly focus the camera and take a picture? You can also hold down the volume buttons to quickly shoot a burst of photos. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch handson video

Wrist watches, smart or otherwise, are simply not for everyone — there are more smartphone users in the world, many times over, than there will ever be smartwatch owners. Despite the limited market for such a device, however, Samsung’s decided it’s time to join in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, as we’ve known it to be called for a few weeks now, was hardly guarded with a level of secrecy that’s become standard for a flagship smartphone, but as the device is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform? Find our take after the break. Continue reading